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As U Wish

1 Comment 28 January 2014

As I end one training, I start the next. Am I am workaholic? Yes. Although I’d prefer to call myself a yogaholic and a love-aholic, but tomato – tomatoe.

This last training was a cathartic experience for me. I was able to break down barriers I had built up from many years before and was able to connect on a different level. I have learned so much from each group and every training continually reminds me of how much more I have to learn about myself. I am committed to this Self-discovering every moment I am conscious of it.

This last training marked a new first for me because these trainees didn’t fear me and still respected me and the tradition of yoga. With over 85+ trainees throughout my years of teaching trainings, I have had students fear me and respect me while others not fear me and disrespect me and the traditions. There have been a handful of them who didn’t fear me and respected me, but this time, the entire group was on board. Because of this relaxed, fun yet disciplined dynamic from the whole group there was more growth and learning. What makes it so special is that this dynamic came from the group’s truth and their ability to remain open with me without feeling their ego’s threatened or attacked. They got me from the beginning and it set the stage for a blossoming that was beautiful to observe and be part of at times.

The quality of being receptive to others while still maintaining your truth is amongst the most valuable for a yogi. This implies trust, humility and integrity. My attempt at practicing these qualities has led me to surrender to those around me and to the will of the universe. Previously I would not have chosen similar decisions because of my delusional perception of what it meant to have my “Rina-filled” life exactly as I wanted it.  Instead, I have trusted the guidance of another to show me the way and said to the universe, “As U wish…”

I invite you to say this phrase for the rest of today and see what new experiences ignite your already unknown path.  Hint: Your response here would be “As U wish.” ;)

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  1. Yoguy says:

    I once quoted that movie too

    It speaks from the heart



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