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Make a Right onto Blessings Road

2 Comments 23 December 2013

This holiday season I am surrounded by so many interesting and mysterious blessings. They may seem like challenges instead of blessings but I have chosen to perceive them positively. I have been consciously choosing to surrender to “the will of the universe” for about 6 months and I have had direct experiences with the truth behind the necessity of suffering. That experience then transforms a struggle into a gift of deeper understanding, trust and healing.

We all have the truth within us. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali states that in our natural state we are always at peace but with our layers of ignorance we complicate ourselves with desires, judgments, and straight up bullshit. (That is my translation. ;) ) We must individually step out of our own shit in order to feel a collective positive influence – a lesson I drill into my trainees. And what better collective to practice with than our own families who drive us insane and challenge our peace daily?

I invite you all to do an experiment with me. Look at yourself as a science experiment. Look at how the behavior you’ve chosen so far with one family member has had a negative effect on you. One that leads you down Misery Lane and leaves you feeling helpless and frustrated.  If this is your case, then for just this week choose a new behavior based on health and love for the both of you – creating a positive effect. Drop your bullshit and baggage for this week only and put on a perspective that is uplifting. Then notice any new results based on these variables. Every time you catch yourself falling into the negative behavior, stop and try the positive one. If the goal is to be happier and more peaceful, then act that way more often even if “things don’t seem to go the way you expect them to” because they may turn out to be your little, mysterious blessings in the end.

Come walk the “higher” road with me. We can all walk together.

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  1. Eric Paskel says:

    I want in on the high road as well

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